Soon but very soon...



Finally we are at step two! Here's step one.


At the printer today

Vado filming. 


Busy sale days

Thank you all of you nice people out there that is so supportive of Studio Violet, and you who have taken the time to share it with others. It means a great deal to us.


Studio Violet SALE

Hello everyone, today is the day when our sale is starting! One week from now, 18 - 25 march, you will be able to buy our posters and journals with a good spring discount. Click here to go the shop.

Posters, both "Katta" and "Friends of Violet", $15 (ordinary price $25)
4-pack with "One project Journals", $16 (ordinary price $26)

Studio Violet's new collection is soon in the house, we'll be back to tell you all about it...


SPRING SALE + Workshop

We had a long, nice day yesterday working with the coming Studio Violet collection. A big workshop, good food, snacks and some wine. It was really nice.

Now we want to celebrate, the forthcoming spring of course, but also the coming new Studio Violet collection! We will do that with a sale on the present Studio Violet collection: 18 - 25 march

We are excited to share our new project with you soon.

If you would like to get notified when we have news for you, e-mail us and we will put you on our "Newsletter list".


Just another day

Had to try how it was to cut in one of those rubber blocks - like butter, so smooth and easy. Morran is checking what Elisabeth is doing, she is always so nosy (Morran that is, not E) if she could talk she would be the worst gossip dog ever I'm sure. I wonder what those screaming milk packages is doing on Elisabeth's desk? We are actually working a lot but I'm not sure what we can show you yet. We'll be back with more information soon. I promise.


We went to a fair

We went to a baby/children fair. Pretty soon it was obvious why some of us wanted to go there! The best stand on the fair - Little Red Stuga.