Camilla and I are going to have some nice lazy days with a lot of sun, good food and nice friends.
Something to look forward to when we´re coming back - some new porcealin :)

Studio Violet´s shop will be open as usuall.

Hope you will a great summer!


My coolest pen

From a cool band, Bob Hund.


How to make a cardboard house

Take a likesided piece of cardboard. Mark where the middle of each side is and then the middle of each section. You will end up with 4x4 likesided small squares. As seen below.

Cut through the cardboard where the red lines are. Cut, but not the whole way through, where the spotted white lines are - this is to make it easier to fold.

Bend it carefully where the rooftop will be, and lay the two squares in the middle together. Tape them, and do the same on the other side.

Take the two other ends and fold them to the middle, try to keep straigth angles. Glue them together, hold them together for a while to make sure they are stuck. Make the same thing on the other end of your house.

Voila! Time to decorate.
Maybe it is easier to just follow the pictures and not my instructions (I tried my best).


Tuesday workshop

The heat made us kind of slow and tired at the beginning of our yesterday workshop. But in the end of the evening we where running in full speed again.



Tiny, tiny, but very brave, superheroes.