Katta has packed her bags, wonder where she's going?

Studio Violet likes Lena Sjöberg.


On my way to the studio

Lena (who's in Paris right now!) told us about KnitKnit. Sabrina Gschwandtner, the founder, where here in Gothenburg the other day and held a lecture. Guess who missed it :(


Brave girls

Hello there! Just a quick note to let you know that Elisabeth has opened a vintage shop. Go and take a look here - fine little shop.


Drip drop song

Elisabeth's drop wall with baloons.
Kerri Smith posted a link to this site where you can make your own music by clicking on drops.



As soon as we´re closing in to be ready on something we´re starting to plan our next move. We want to make more porcelain!

Studio Violet likes Galleri Loyal.


We don't work

We play. Janine from Uppercase gallery visited us last month, she made some filming of us preparing/playing for the Re-Used show at Manos. See the film here.


So what's up

What's happening at the circus, you might wonder. A baby elephant is born! The parents (the ones in this print) and the rest of the circus are very happy and proud. They have already started the circus-elephant-training with the little one. Anything else, yes, some of the crue is talking about starting a band. We'll see what happens with that. But other than that they are still resting from all the fuzz and travelling. They send their regards.


Wich one?

Three girls came by the studio. It took a while to decide, but finally they ended up with both of the prints for each one of them :) Thanks.

Happy week end!


We are resting a little bit



We knew you liked it but we could never imagine it would be such an overwhelming response! Thank you :)

Here are two of the five pieces that are still (not any more!) available at manos.
See the top plate bigger here and the bottom one here.
Oh, I found photo's of two of the other ones over at Karin's flickr, here and the one in the top left corner.


The show 2

The show

Thank you all of you wonderful people who came to our exhibition this weekend, it was swell!

Before the show

We´re back. Stockholm was nice. Karin´s place is wonderful. We had a great time.