Re-used show at manos

Welcome to Manos at Överjärva gård!
(Just 10 minutes from the Central station with the local train to Märsta, ULRIKSDAL station)

Show opening 1st of may 3-6 pm (kl 15-18). 1 may-24 may.
Manos is Karin Eriksson's gallery and shop.


sarajo frieden said...

i LOVE the new (re-used) circus collection, and the rubber stamps...no end to the inventiveness of studio violet--bravo!

Anonymous said...

does it mean we should check back to purchase online on may 1? im always miss out!

Camilla Engman said...

It will be for sale online after the weekend. At the manos bigcartel shop.

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

After the weekend? Great I will check back then- can we buy separate pieces? I would love to buy a plate to mount on a wall at home :)

Traveling Mama said...

Wow! You all have created quite the stir! I keep seeing your beautiful porcelain everywhere online! Best wishes for your opening!