On my way to the studio

Lena (who's in Paris right now!) told us about KnitKnit. Sabrina Gschwandtner, the founder, where here in Gothenburg the other day and held a lecture. Guess who missed it :(


emma said...

wee, nästan som en karta, fast i foton. fin väg t jobbe!
och vad tråkigt det är när man missar såntdär kul! bu-hu asså.

Åsa said...

vackra svenska hus - sitter har i London betongen och saknar Sverige nar jag ser dem dar fina fotona, ser nastan ut som en atsrid lindgren idyll

Ana said...

i love knit knit! the book is so inspiring...too bad you missed the talk :(

Make it Easy said...

love the roads!

Anonymous said...

Oh, buggar!
But I love the pictures of Gothenburg. How I miss being there sometimes. I just saw a thriller on TV (Irene Huss) and dwelve in the pictures of your city - and recongnise places.
You cheer me up!

pi said...

you make me want to go to Gothenberg and visit studio violet, just once, for a sight :):)

very lovely update,
love from thailand <3