We are happy that you seem to like our new porcelain :) It´s so nice to hear the positive comments, keeps us motivated. Thank you!

Another new thing is that we have change the size of our photos on this blog. The bigger size urge me to post these photos of our prints again.

More to share soon!


o l y said...

thank you for sharing the beauties, i love you two and works you two create, they are really like magic. even though i know i won't be abel to afford them for now, but i'm keeping them in my mind, and how they make me smile.

: )

Gemma Austen said...

Beautiful :)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

japp - man ser dem mycket bättre nu!

och nallen är ju bara så fin. Känns lite melankonisk

Melody Seal said...

Every time I visit your blog I leave feeling happier and so inspired with my own work! I love all your projects and the beautiful lighting and photographs. The new larger size photos are great too and really do your work justice :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

ooooohhh....I would love to look at those lovely old books, love too .
Congrats on the fantastic new ceramic collection , a sure collectors piece.