Back again

I sure am happy to be here again! Camilla had painted walls and decorated our place so nice :) + I got these cute dolls as a present (she claimed they had my name on). Puss puss Camilla ♡

(Thank you for sweet comments on my goodbye-for a while-post :)


Simone said...

Welcome back! And wow...i want to go there as well! Your photo's are beautiful! Thank you!

And there's no better place than home...with such a wonderful friend!

Have a good christmas and wish you both all the best for 2009

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Elisabeth, to your oh! so inviting studio space. And, what a hive of creative industry and cleverness you are, Camilla.

Here's to more continued greatness in 2009!


parisa mahmoudi said...

Welcome back,Elisabeth!
I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year!!!
Hope you have a nice holidays with your family!
Best Wishes

Unknown said...

Hei Camilla og Elisabeth,

Jeg er så glad!!!...fordi jeg har fått posteren Katta i julegave! Jippi!
Ville bare dere skulle vite det :)

Julehilsen fra Jeanette

Anonymous said...

Un blog magnifique avec de très belles photos!